Introduction to the Gallson Group


Some of you may know us as a coffee wholesaler, others thanks to the bulk supply of household products. But what exactly we are doing and how? In order to avoid any confusion, we decided to put it simply and explain our business in a more details. 

We will make a special introduction to our company that is necessary for our potential and new clients to know. The basic thing about us is that we are a European wholesaler based in Slovakia and we are organized as a group of companies named as Gallson Group. 

Gallson Group consists of members as nextporter and Gallson companies represented in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Currently, we do not have our own production line and we sell branded goods that we receive directly from producers like Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Tchibo, Nestle, Mondelez, Mokate, Illy and many others.



nextporter deals with branded detergents, household chemicals, cleaning products and cosmetics.


Gallson concentrates on the wholesale of beverages like coffee and tea, chocolates, sweets, and other food products.



Initially, Erik Gall, the company owner, established a company that was dedicated only to the wholesale of personal hygiene items and some household chemical products. In the course of time, due to the customer requests and thanks to their increasing interest, Erik decided to extend the product portfolio. Eventually, the company started to sell various of FMCG goods, and nowadays the product portfolio amounts to more than thousands of products. 

Our warehouses are located in Nitra, Slovakia, and Breclav, Czech Republic. And as we already mentioned, we are wholesalers. It means that we sell big quantity of goods: in trucks or pallets. Most of our customers prefer EXW (ex Works term), but in case of another preference, we may help to organize the shipping in another way.  


We like transparency and open communication with our partners whether customers or producers we are working with. Therefore, as soon as it will be fully possible, we invite you to visit the core of our company that is located in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia as well as our warehouses. We may discuss possible cooperation and its terms, get acquainted with each other to a greater extent, and share our values. 


In case you would like to receive the product range that is interesting for you, please send a request to




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