Do you like cleaning?

Hello everyone!

We have executed a small survey for fun about cleaning on our Facebook page here in Slovakia.

In this post we would like to summarize the results and share with you whether people like to clean or no.

Why people don’t like to clean? We found out that half of respondents rather do another things and half become lazy when thinking about cleaning.

Interesting are the results about why do we still all clean. Imagine that 75% of people responded that they clean only because they can’t stand the dust around. The rest clean because they want to.

The same situation is with getting rid of unnecessary stuff. 75% reported thy rather throw stuff away and 25% rather keep it.

How often people clean their house or room? 50% of respondents like to clean once per 2 weeks.  A quarter of respondents prefer to clean every day (tidying up small things) and a quarter like to clean once a week.

Nevertheless, 100% of respondents feel happy after cleaning. And the reason for that is satisfaction of cleanliness around now!

Maybe this information will give you some motivation when next time you will have to clean something!




Photo by Tumisu from Pixabay 

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