Education in nextporter

In the nextporter, we place emphasis on education and self-development. Already in the past, our sales managers and management participated in several courses or. training. At the moment, we have done a little training directly in the company. Every week, our sales managers have prepared a short presentation about the individual companies we work with and whose products we offer to our customers. The presentation always contains the history of the company, who founded it, how the products were developed and individual products that we offer. The goal is to get to know companies, products better and thus provide even better services.


We also asked our sellers Barbara and Matúš how they like such activity.


How do you evaluate ongoing education?

Barbara: I rate it positively.

Matus: Positive. I really like this activity.


What do you like about it or don't like?

Barbara: It is interesting to find out the history of the brands whose products we offer and with which we cooperate.

Matus: I agree with Barbara on this.


How has education helped you?

Barbara: It expanded my knowledge of the products I present to clients.

Matus: Agree. It will give me information that will help me get to know the brand better and thus I can better present the product to customers.


Would you like to complete more such activities in the company?

Barbara: Yes, of course.

Matúš: Of course. Self-education is always beneficial.



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