“How do we work?” FAQ

Dear our valued customer,

In the following blogpost we would like to explain some details regarding our work process. We like transparency and fairness and we believe that in order to have good relationships and better understanding it is necessary to communicate open and clear.

Here we will answer some of the frequently asked questions and will try to explain everything as clear as possible.


  1. Why do we require prices from our customers once in a while?

Sometimes, when we do a totally new product the manufacturer requires a target price from us. Therefore, in order to make sure we will supply a suitable price for our customers, we need some feedback from them.

Thus, our dear customer, we sometimes ask specifically your target price. We understand it may seem demanding from our side or it even may annoy you: “not only you want to offer something to me, but you also require the price?! What’s going on?!”

So, we kindly ask you to understand us. In special cases, we are requiring a price to negotiate better conditions for you. Our main goal is customer happiness and satisfaction. Simply put, if our customer is happy our business is going well. There is no sense for us to do extra complications and we have no reason to confuse you.

  1. When can I pick up the ordered goods?

The order is prepared the same day of its placement and is ready for the shipment right after the payment received. Or in case if we need to order the goods from producers, the lead time can be prolonged to a maximum of 10 days.

  1. Why should I buy from you and not another company?

❖    We offer fresh branded product from producers

Since we work directly with producers, we have a forecast for manufacturing for a minimum of 3 months in advance and we know what new products will be on the market in the nearest future. And we have only „fresh“ goods, with a good expiration period and shelf life.

❖    We have attractive prices

 Usually we get favorable prices and consequently, we can offer them to our clients. Moreover, the larger the volume of order the lower price we can offer.

❖    Our customer is our friend

We prefer open communication and would inform you about the terms and conditions right when we start our cooperation. We do not like opacity and hiding facts. With us, you know what to expect.

❖    Our portfolio is not limited by our product list

We can listen to you. Your needs are our opportunities. You will ask opportunities for what? In other words, every time we start working on a new product we continue to grow and develop. We bring you the product that was totally new for us. Therefore, later we can offer a larger portfolio and better conditions.

❖    We are about fruitful longterm cooperation

Nextporter exists almost 15 years on the wholesale market of detergents, household chemicals, cleaning products, cosmetics, coffee and commodity, and other products. During this time we’ve built trustworthy relationships with hundreds of companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

 In order to make everything more comfortable, we invite anyone who wishes so (hopefully soon we all will have such a possibility) to visit our warehouses and our office. We will be happy to introduce you to our inner world and explain all the details you will be interested to know.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Nextporter team


In case of any questions or suggestion, please contact us by the following email: or phone: +421 948 966 441 

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