nextporter helps children in children's home Srdiečko

On 1st of June, we celebrate Children Day in Slovakia so we wanted to delight kids living in children´s home. Just like last year we decided to visit Srdiečko - the Centre for children and families in Banska Bystrica. In 2019 and 2020 we donated needed cosmetics and detergents for daily use. This year we wanted to help in different way and to involve every employee, so everybody in company donated things which they do not use anymore, such as toys, books and clothes. Last Friday we carried off gifts to children.


Matus, Petra, Dominika and children from Srdiečko


Srdiečko - the Centre for children and families in Banska Bystrica

Main goal of the Center is to provide professional care and assistance to children who have been excluded from their biological family, provide foster family care to children with ordered constitutional care, assist at-risk families, victims of domestic violence and provide social and psychological counselling to its members as part of family remediation (

Currently in the Centre live 8 kids between 8 to 14 years. Younger kids are living in foster homes at the moment. An individual plan for the development of the child's personality is prepared for each child, which includes a social plan for cooperation with the family.


Dominika and Matus in front of Srdiečko


Because of corona situation the orphanage visited just three employees – Matus, Dominika and Petra. For everybody it was strong experience, because many of us didn´t realize how it is to live in orphanage and without parents. It was so nice to see how happy the children are, that they got some gifts and could meet new people. We talked together about our company, what we do and why we came to the Centre.

In nextporter we are always glad, when we can help someone, especially children, who can´t protect themselves. It costs us nothing and we can brighten someone day, even life.


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