Preparation for our premiere.

For the last few months, one of our priorities was attendance at International Trade Fair as exhibitors for the first time. 


In the beginning, we didn’t know what it takes (time-wise, money-wise, focus-wise) to be there, but now we do. 


We can’t show you everything we’ve been preparing for our premiere at IAW, but here’s a little proof that we take it seriously. As soon as we received our stand, we couldn’t wait but build!


However, it might look (even for us it did) like a piece of cake to build the stand, but how wrong we were ...


Whole process started with unloading the truck and then bringing it all inside. Oh, did we mention how heavy the boxes were?


Then we moved on to opening all the boxes and figuring out the use of each item. 


Now we could finally move to the stand building. 


The actual building of a stand was foregone with organizing the items, especially bars. Many bars. 


Once these were organized, we moved into figuring the whole stand out.

But hey, don’t worry, we’ve got Michal, Erik, and Matus, not only the powerful physical parts of our team but also great brains that knew what to do. 


...and the rest is for you to check out in Cologne at the International Trade Fair!


We’ll be there from the 6th to the 8th of September. You can come, and check with us in Hall 9, Stand 136.


See you there!

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