Short interview with our colleague Matus.

We introduce you our colleague Matus, who works as Export Sales Manager in our company. He is the youngest in our team. Find out how his journey in nextporter started, what is his dream destination or what dolleagues do not know about him. 


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How did your nextporter journey begin?

“My journey in Nextporter started with talk with my brother. My brother is CEO of the company. He told me lot of about this company, how company works and what company does. He told me this information, because I had big problem when I was at high school. I had big problem with communication with strange people and also even with friends sometimes, so it is very helpful for me to improve myself with communication with strange people and customers.”


What does your day in nextporter look like?

“My day in nexrtporter start with breakfast, then with a coffee and after that I will make a daily plan what I have to do that day, who I have to contact about enquiries, offers from our purchasing department which we have that day. Then I will contact new clients, let´s say leads, and I am trying to help them with their business or just find out what they are dealing with.”


What do you like the most about your job?

“The best thing about this job is to communicate with others, to improve my skill in communication, to improve my skills in English language and to meet new interesting people.”


What do you do in your free time?

“In my free time I read books about this business, about leadership, things common with business. Also, I am doing lots of hiking and cycling.”


What is your dream travel destination?

“My dream destination is Tokio, because of the culture, buildings, the car culture of the early 80s or 90s and also I like Japanese food.”


What is your biggest goal in life?


“My biggest goal in life is to be successful and have big family.”


What biggest success in your life so far?

“My biggest success in life is to have this opportunity – this job and also overcome my fear of communication with other people.”


Tell us something, that your colleagues do not know about you.

“My colleagues don´t know about me, that I had big fear to talk to the strangers. When I came here for interview, I was so nervous that I nearly run back to my car.”


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