Stiavnica's tajchs – relax with a scent of mining history

It takes only a 15 minute walk from The St. Trinity Square in Banská Štiavnica to reach a charming destination. 24 connected water basins ingrown into nature and majestic hills in the summer become a natural swimming pool, romantic boat trip or relaxing fishing experience. In winter you can enjoy the traditional skating on the frozen ponds.

We would like to introduce you the Štiavnické tajchs (origin from German word Teich, meaning a pond) built by the Slovak miners. They attract local and foreign visitors not only by their fascinating story of saving the mining past of the region, but also by their magical looks.

The famous history of Štiavnické tajchs

In the 18th century Štiavnické tajchs formed one of the most perfect water management systems in Europe. Their construction saved the booming local mining and ward off an "energy crisis". 2000 miners, together with the same amount of horses, were no longer able to draw off the underground water in the mines. They built incredible water reservoirs consisting of more than 66 hydraulic structures. Thus, hydropower replaced the human power. Rainwater-filled tajchs effectively distributed water where needed. The technology powered pumping devices and water mills.

Thanks to perfect building of technically challenging structures, 24 tajchs have been preserved up till today. They are placed into surrounding hills and connected with educational trails. The tajchs are, as well as the Banská Štiavnica city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Which one of the 24 tajchs to chose?

Nowadays, tajchs are used for relax and recreation. They are not only loved by locals but also foreigners.

The most famous and biggest tajch is Počúvadlianske jazero, locally called Počúvadlo. If you are doing vacation with children, we recommend renting a water bike or boat. Počúvadlo is located near by the legendary Sitno Hill, which can be easily reached via the hiking trail. You can accommodate yourself in one of the many guest houses close by.

Popular tajchs of the locals are Veľká Vodárenská or Klinger. You can reach them after a 15 minute walk through a romantic forest trail leading right from the center of Banská Štiavnica. In the oldest tajch, Velká Vodárenská, you can admire the turquoise color of the water and the enchanting nature all around. Fun fact: in the past, the rules of Klinger didn't allow swimming for women and men at the same time. Women could swim only in the morning, men in the afternoon.


If you are going to visit tajchs with children, visit Počúvadlo, Vindšachta, Richňava or Kolpašský tajch. Those tajchs don't have any steep banks. There is a possibility to rent water bikes or boats as well.

If you are craving for peaceful and quiet place, be sure to visit Halča or Bakomi. Due to the remote location there is a low possibility in meeting many tourists.

The highest placed tajch is Ottergrund. Ottergrund is located in the height of 801 meters above sea level and is the most photogenic of the tajchs. In its background you can see the Calvary and horses grazing on the dam.

For long-sunny-days lovers we have a secret. The longest sunshine a day you can enjoy at Kolpašský tajch. It has also the hottest water, usually around 24 °C.

The fishermen can relax at Veľký Kolpašský tajch, Počúvadlo, Halča, Beliansky tajch and Richňava enjoying fishing for carp or trout. Attention: at Počúvadlo you can only “catch and release.”

The only tajch not allowed for swimming is Rozgrund. It is a source of drinkable water.

Tajchs are connected with many cycling routes, so don't hesitate to do a bike trip over there.

Can't manage to go to see the tajchs during this summer? Visit in winter. Try the ice skating on Vodárenská or join the power hockey at Červená studňa.


We wish you to enjoy the last weeks of warm summer season. Come with your family or friends for refreshment to Štiavnické tajchs or discover one of our many hiking trails.

Our team wishes you a lot of nice moments discovering the breathtaking beauties of our region.

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