Sweet week in nextporter

This week was definitely different from all previous weeks. External circumstances may have been sad and not very pleasant, so in this blogpost, we would like to share with you something positive and joyful.

Here we will not talk about business, but only about life in the office. This week we can call sweet week in nextporter. Almost every day someone from the team brought some cake. 

On Monday Simona regaled us with cake:

We even managed to shot a short video that you may check on out Youtube channel.


On Friday, 5th of June, was the Laura Name Day in Slovakia. Since some of our colleagues were not in the office on Friday, we decided to organize a small celebration on Thursday. Take a look at how it was. 

And this is how colleagues look like when someone bothers them with photographing.



We hope this short post brings you some joy and pleasant distraction.

We wish you to have a wonderful and sweet weekend as this cake that we have got from Laura:) 

By the way, Laura brought 6 types of cakes and everyone had a chance to choose the one he/she likes. We invite you to participate in our short competition on Facebook and try to guess "who is which cake? "(who and what caked have chosen).

Have a nice weekend:)



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