We helped the Na krídlach anjelov 2019 benefit concert

Helping others and social responsibility has always been an important matter for us in nextporter. Recently, we decided to support a benefit concert called Na krídlach anjelov (in English: On the wings of Angels) 2019.

The seventh year of this benefit concert happened on 16th October 2019 in Žiar nad Hronom, a city close to Banská Bystrica. The concert took place in the cultural center and was designed for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Na krídlach anjelov 2019 was a great experience

This year's benefit concert was led by Lukáš Latinák. It featured famous Slovak bands such as Vidiek, S hudbou vesmírnou, Balkansambel and singer and composer Peter Lipa.

An interesting program was prepared for the guests. The guests could enjoy a zumba dance or attended interesting educational workshops. The workshops were focused on basketry, decorating plaster casts and encaustic (hot wax painting). In addition to wax, the people could paint on T-shirts, canvas, and even on their faces.

Benefit concert organizer – the civic association Milan Štefánik

The organizer of the benefit concert was the civic association Milan Štefánik. The civic association Milan Štefánik organizes cultural benefit events for mental and physical disable people throughout Slovakia. It provides educational workshops and, under the guidance of experienced instructors, teaches as well. The most common offered activities for disabled people are dances, first aid principles, encaustics, clay modeling and face or textile painting.

Mentally disabled people are being integrated into the society by exhibiting their artworks at these events or participating in the program.

We continue helping

In the past, we have already supported several associations whose goal is helping others. We donated detergents and cosmetic products to the kids in need and helped in promoting the educational centers. We even fed our furry pets in a shelter.

For the event Na krídlach anjelov 2019 we donated detergents and cosmetic products to the organizers of the benefit concert as a “thank you” for what they do. We wish the civic association Milan Štefánik a lot of success in their future. We hope they will see many smiles on the faces of those for whom they do all of this.

We plan to continue with the social responsibility and be the example for the others. It is important for us to do good and help those who are in need.

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