Why did my T-shirt shrink after laundering?

Have you ever encountered the fact that you don’t know what thе labels on the clothes mean?

In this short article, we will consider the most common symbols on clothes, understanding, and following which will provide you with the longest possible use of things. You will learn what you can do, and what is absolutely you should avoid when washing, drying, and bleaching.

As we do not want to damage the cloth or change its color we need to follow the instructions. Here is a shortlist of most frequent labels on the clothes in order to help you to navigate.  


Washing pictograms

Oddly enough, but a basin with water means washing in a washing machine:


Basin with a hand refer to hand wash:

If you see crossed basin, then do not wash. Maybe the cloth require dry clean, so check all the signs. Drying symbols are explained later.


What to remember?

Remember the following about symbols on clothes:

triangles are all about bleaching
circles and squares are all about drying


Bleaching pictograms

Bleaching means to make something whiter or lighter. If you see an empty triangle - it means that bleaching is allowed. So, you can put some bleach and you can be sure it will not damage your cloth.

Triangle with parallel lines indicated that you have to use a bleach without chlorine:

 Chlorine bleach allowed:

Crossed triangle means you must avoid bleach:


Drying pictograms

Dry clean only:

Dry clean is drying without water and involves specific chemical solvent.

As usually, crossed symbol indicates what you should not do. In case of drying it means Do not dry clean:

 Tumble dry symbol: 

Tumble dry involves drying in special machines. Circle squared says tumble drying is allowed. However, if you are not accustomed to using them, then follow the label’s instruction in order to avoid shrink of your clothing. 

Crossed symbol means you should avoid tumble dry:


Do not tumble dry the ultrathin fabrics, such as: chiffon, tulle, batiste, nylon. Avoid tumble drying also for delicate fabrics as silk and wool. In case of wool use tumble dryer only if tumble dryer has a special program for it. Also avoid tumble dry also for: swimming suits, bras (can be deformed), tights (can shrink and become much smaller).

 A square with a flat line in the middle means to dry flat:

Hang or line dry or line dry (on fresh air if possible):


The dots inside the circle or washing symbols refer to the heat temperature. Usually, one dot means low heat. The more dots, the higher temperature for washing, drying, ironing is allowed. 


Tumble dry signs: one dot means low heat, two dots - medium heat. The example of ironing with three dots says that ironing can be done at high temperatures.


We insert here the complete label guide as well.


So, that’s all for today. We hope this information was useful for you. 




cover photo: Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

lable pictures: vecteezy

lable guide: ihateironing




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