Day in nextporter office.


Our day in the office starts from 7:30 to 8:30. Everybody can choose when they want to come to the office. For those who come early in morning the days starts with breakfast and then coffee.



Our girls in purchasing department at regular day have calls and online meetings with suppliers, they answer to emails or send enquiries.



Our colleagues at sales department usually call with our customers, deals with enquiries from them or close the deals.




Our marketing manager during day sends offers to customers, prepare direct mails or create content for social media. 



CEO Michal is running the company and takes care that everything is the way it should be.


 Our day in office finishes according the time we came to work. It can be from 16pm to 17pm. Sometimes when we need to finish our work we stay longer and make sure that our customers get best services and will be satisfied.


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