Logistics of the future: What are the new trends in logistics?

The digital transformation of manufacturing and logistics processes is continuously growing. That is why nowadays every modern company is starting to upgrade its logistics processes. Say hello to some of the new logistics trends and innovations.

Internet of Things

The study of PwC claims, 91% of manufacturing companies are currently building digital factories or are planning to do so soon. The investments into the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in middle and eastern Europe are increasing. Until 2021 there should be a year-on-year increase of up to 19%. IoT takes care of the connection via various sensors and the collection of the needed data.

Innovations in logistics

In our last article, we described new technologies in logistics. Now we are going to take a look at innovative technologies that are ready to dominate in logistics shortly.

Modern logistics work with cognitive technologies

Supply chains see their future, especially in cognitive technologies. It is a technological platform associating hardware and software components. The components provide cognitive functions similar to human abilities, such as machine learning, speech recognition, spatial orientation, or computer vision.

Augmented reality will help in the framework of warehousing processes and real-time visualization of the registered stock, in the preparation of goods based on customer orders, and packaging.

New technologies in logistics: Robotisation of warehouses

Nowadays, modern warehouses use drones and robots. Though, developers want to achieve more. The new generation of robotic devices are going to be humanoid robots, so-called cobots, that will be happily cooperating with their human coworkers.

News in logistics: 5G networks

The launching of 5G networks will speed up the robotization process and transform the industrial control systems. The network speeds up the transmission and real-time processing of high-volume data and its exchange with a GPS or autonomous vehicles. In 2025, the market share of 5G networks increases up to 21,5%.

Thanks to the aforementioned technologies, it will be possible to more effectively control the supply, warehouse processes management, and logistics in general. Which technologies are implemented into your warehouses?


picture: from pixabay


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